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WE ARE CommitING to OUrSELVES and our own Divine Power

Come WoRK YOUr LifE FORCE ENERGY with Community at least 1-3x per week.

Do the work AND breathwork to heal your wounds and clear your subconscious mind.


Let's remember who we are!!


For the beginner and the mindful practitioner, intimate 45 mins. to 1-hr Kundalini Yoga classes to "keep up" in between the bi-monthly New Moon and Full moon Community Rituals at the Look Within Yoga healing temple, in SW Atlanta.

We will be focusing on the breath, movement, sound, and meditation to remove any subconscious and conscious blockages that keep us from being in alignment with our true divine selves.

Emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically and generationally, we do LIFE FORCE cleansing on all that crap that we pickup, hide, and hold onto, so that we can make room for the DIVINE to come more fully and stay in. DIVINE ABUNDANCE! DIVINE PURPOSE! DIVINE LOVE! DIVINE FAITH!

It is a constant practice but so worth the results you will see and feel in your life, BODY MIND AND SPIRIT!

It's cool to DROP-IN for $22 offering . . . You will get your $$ worth!!
DROP-INS AT THE DOOR ARE $25. But it gives so much more energy to the practice if you commit to a steady practice!!!

And you save money at the same time !!

An added bonus of becoming a subscriber on the MASTER OR WARRIOR level is that you can bring a "new friend" (someone who has never been to a Look Within Yoga Class) to any class for FREE !! (a $22-$25 value each time) Limited time bonus thru August 31, 2018.

Save more than $113, with the MASTER subscription. You will receive unlimited classes for the month.

Save more than $68 with the WARRIOR subscription. You will receive up to 2 classes per week each month.

Save $21 with the YOGI subscription. You will receive 1 class per week each month. $67/month

Classes are offered morning and evening MWF. The schedule is BELOW, Some shifts may occur due to the Moon Ritual Classes.

Automated Subscription Required. Cancel anytime. Restrictions apply.

Please email lookwithinsha@gmail.com before you sign up to fill out a health questionnaire form.


Children are allowed if they are able to sit quietly for an hour and respect the house rules. Make sure they have snacks and quiet activities. Please bring earphones for any electronics.

I want to serve you if you are ready to do this work♡

Please email me at lookwithinsha@gmail.com if you are interested and to verify class times and location.

Thank you so much for your support of the healing arts and for supporting my work and my family. ♡♡♡

Class Schedule (contact me to request other class time):
Mondays 10:30am and 8pm
Wednesdays 7:30am 830pm
Fridays 10:30am and 830pm